HEAR YE, HEAR YE, WENCHES! Are you ready for some turkey legs, flowers, and braided fun?

There’s only two weekends left to enjoy the Florida Renaissance Festival and I’ve got two family four-packs to giveaway!

Never been to the Renaissance Fair? You’re missing out!

“Living, breathing theater is what you experience at the Florida Renaissance Festival,” said Bobby Rodriguez, Founder. “Everyday is a new experience, everyday is a passport to a journey complete with fairytale and fantasy.”

Fan favorites at the festival include –cracking bullwhips, juggling bowling balls or eating fire “Broon” keeps the laughs alive with a dry wit and an extemporaneous style that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. Craic is a 4-piece earth moving, themed drama using heavy percussions and medieval bagpipes to create a boisterous musical performance. Splatter Time Players are a group of young men who have dedicated their lives to two things: Mud & Entertainment.  Flight of the Raptor features the beauty of flight and is designed to educate,enlighten, and sometimes even amaze audiences with a large cast of predatorbirds including falcons and hawks.

Only two themed weekends left!

  • Dragons & Wizards and Thrones, Oh My! – March 7 and 8 – One doesnot simply walk into Mordor, but you can walk directly out of the pages of your favorite books!  From the Red Wedding to the Shire, join us as we fill our village with Hobbits, Wizards, Dragons, White Walkers, Fairies and Elves.
  • Kilts & Colleens – St Patrick’s Weekend – March 14 and 15 – Celebrate the luck and culture of the Irish, the Scottish and the Celtic traditions of the North Seas!  Grab your kilt and get your Celt on!  Show your Celtic pride!

To win:

  • Must be a resident of Dade or Broward County
  • Share in the comments below a favorite family past time.
  • Follow @healthyfatchick on Instagram
  • BONUS entry! Tweet out giveaway link and tag @meeshsparks
  • Winners will  notified via Twitter/Facebook and or email by Thursday 3/5

Best of luck!




  1. A family favorite past time is always Christmas time. The italian side of my family bakes traditional cookies and candies for the holidays. The whole family gets involved. Especially the woman. The men help too but they usually stick around to taste test samples to make sure it’s okay to give to the rest of the family.


  2. Hey Meesh!

    One of my favorite family past times, which I would like to have with my growing family is our annual family vacation to Naples . It was tradition to always buy publix key lime pie and go to the beach and collect sea shells or look for star fishes or make sandcastle. It was awesome! We alway met new people from all around the world and made some nice friends . I miss it so.
    P.s I don’t have Twitter but I hope I still qualify . I LOVE the Renaissance Festival!


  3. Favorite family time is when Miami weather gets above 100, picking homegrown mangos off the trees, heading to the beach on a lazy late Sunday and the kids sucking on the mangos while having the waves wash the sweet nectar juices off as they munch them in the ocean.


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