GIVEAWAY: Fly Close to the Sun with Cirque Du Soleil’s Varekai!

What better way to jump back into blogging post-partum than with a giveaway!

It’s been a whirlwind experience and I can’t wait to share with you all so much of my journey, pre and post pregnancy! But first, mommy needs a night out and she’s headed to Cirque Du Soleil-and giving away two tickets to the show on August 20th!

Do you think it’s possible to fly too high? To go further than expected or instructed without consequence?

We all know the tale of Icarus, he who chose to fly a little too close to the sun…and thus, fell to his death. Varekai is a new take on the tale of Icarus who falls from the sun only to fall into the charms of a dream like forest with fantastical creatures who help him discover that he can still fly!


Varekai is a critically-acclaimed production that has wowed over 8 million people worldwide since it first premiered in Montreal in 2002. Since then, Varekai has visited more than 72 cities in 20 different countries around the world!

Now to good part: the giveaway! Leave a comment below sharing the most daring thing you’ve ever done! Was it applying to graduate school? Moving out on your own? A forbidden boyfriend or girlfriend? Leave your answers in the comments and I will randomly select a winner on Friday, August 14th!

Varekai will be at the BB&T center from 8/12-8/23: you can purchase tickets here:

Good Luck!


3 thoughts on “GIVEAWAY: Fly Close to the Sun with Cirque Du Soleil’s Varekai!

  1. The most daring thing I ever did was follow STP down the East Coast between 2001-2002 when they were touring. I was by myself and just met up with fellow fans I knew from the STP board. lol! I don’t know how my parents ok’d that and how I didn’t end up in a terrible bind. I was 19 and cell phones weren’t as big yet. I drove all the way to FL by myself and then back up to NY. I was crazy.


  2. My pastor just told us about this story last Sunday!!! 🙂 I’d say that the most daring thing I’ve done was zip line in the forests of Jamaica. Husband insisted, and I convinced myself I could do it… then i got to the 1st platform and began to chicken out, however at that point we were so high up the only way down was the rope… so I held on for dear life. After the 3rd/4th jump, I began to enjoy it!! 😛


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